Air Canada fined $65K, blasted for ‘rude’ behaviour after family forced off flight

A consumer commission in India has ordered Air Canada and partnering airline, Jet Airways, to pay a Canadian family about $65,000 Cdn. The money is meant to compensate the family for the “mental agony and harassment” they suffered when Air Canada ordered them off a flight.

In September 2017, Minali Mittal from Oakville, Ont., and her two young children boarded a Toronto-bound Air Canada flight after a stopover in New Delhi.

According to Mittal, her 11-year-old daughter Teesha threw up due to a bad smell on the plane. Cabin crew said Teesha was unfit to travel and ordered the family to leave, stranding them at the airport. Mittal’s son Rivansh was just three at the time.

“I’m a very proud Canadian, but I just felt like this was the most un-Canadian thing that I’ve ever seen,” said Mittal in an interview.

The Punjab State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission — which functions like a court — was scathing in its ruling. The family was “forcibly de-boarded from the aircraft on flimsy grounds” and left at the airport with no offer of food, water or even access to a phone, said the commission in a written decision.
08/09/18 Sophia Harris/CBC News



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