Air India A319 at Bhopal on Feb 6th 2017, Bird Strike creates Fuel Shortage

An Air India Airbus A319-100, registration VT-SCJ performing flight AI-436 from Bhopal to Delhi (India) with 122 passengers and 7 crew, was climbing out of Bhopal’s runway 30 when a bird impacted the aircraft. In the absence of abnormal indications, obviously even remaining unaware of the bird strike, the crew continued the flight, climbed the aircraft to FL320, but about 5 minutes after levelling off at FL320 descended the aircraft to FL270. The crew decided to divert to Jaipur (India) indicating they were diverting due to the adverse weather conditions in Delhi. While on approach to Jaipur the crew reported being low on fuel. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Jaipur’s runway 27. After landing a fuel leak from one of the engines (CFM56) was detected. 

Jaipur Airport reported the crew never mentioned a bird strike. Only on approach the crew requested priority which was immediately provided.

The airline confirmed maintance found evidence after landing that the aircraft had received a bird strike, the airline investigates why the crew remained unaware of the bird strike in flight. The passengers were rebooked onto other flights out of Jaipur.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Jaipur about 19 hours after landing.

Source – AH

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