Flightstats clarifies Air India not third worst airline in the world

Flight data services and applications leader Flightstats on Thursday issued a clarification with regard financial software, data, and media company Bloomberg portraying India’s national carrier Air India as the third worst airline in the world.

In a statement, Flightstats Vice-President, Aviation and Distribution Jim Hetzel said, “Thank you for your correspondence. Please know that FlightStats is an aviation data company first and foremost and reports flight status and performance data from trusted sources that include airlines, airports, GDS systems, civil aviation authorities and positional data sources. We stand by our data, collection systems and reporting based on these data sources and our validation methodologies. That said, we would be happy to work with Air India with regards to that data that we have sourced to compare with your own data and would be pleased to integrate a direct source of Air India status information as part of our system as we do with many airlines around the globe.”

Hetzel further said, “We understand that a recent article by Bloomberg has portrayed Air India in a negative light and we want to assure you that FlightStats by no means endorsed their portrayal of your performance. While we do highlight exceptional performers, we do not, and have not, highlighted low performance or maintain a list of worst performing airlines. Bloomberg requested and was provided a list of 122 international carriers with their accompanying arrival on-time percentage for the year of 2016. All data is reported using the industry standard A14 metric, which measures the percentage of on-time actual gate arrivals within 14:59 of scheduled gate arrival.”
12/01/17 Business Standard